Ferrara Bakery

195 Grand St, New York City


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    08:00 - 01:00

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    00:00 - 01:00, 08:00 - 00:00

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  • Supun Fernando

    - 28 August 2018 -

    Very nice place and very good place. Only reason for four stars is one of the girls who looked like a bit Indian but spoke in Spanish, was rude to me and other customers. She was the one who worked in the sweets section. She didn’t have a name tag otherwise I’d definitely mention her name.

  • Pascal Johnstone

    - 14 August 2018 -

    We stopped by Ferrara for a quick coffee and gelato stop after lunch, and it was excellent. The coffee is strong and delicious, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of an old world Italy. The highlight however is the gelato. It was rich and creamy, and served in an adorable little cup with a biscuit. The downside is that it is slightly expensive, but you are paying for good quality. Another highlight was the wonderful service, which was warm and made us feel welcome. To be done again!

  • Shirley Liew

    - 03 August 2018 -

    Thank you for helping me. Just a glass of water and a package of sugar. I was feel dizzy and I need to borrow the restroom. She was so nice to help me. I am so sorry I forgot to ask your name? Was 7/2/18.

  • Isabelle Tran

    - 01 August 2018 -

    Came here for ice cream - they are pretty expensive in my opinion. The hazelnut ice cream was smooth, creamy with just the right amount of hazelnut taste. Not so much of a fan of the cookies and cream - there were hardly any cookies as we had the side scoop. The only improvement would be the ice cream servers attitude, she wasn’t that friendly.

  • Luca Galante

    - 10 April 2018 -

    Great bakery with a warm vintage vibe. It is located in the beautiful Little Italy and is not a far walk from any restaurant in the area. Their pastries are excellent especially the cannoli. The place has a little bit of history to it as well which is always interesting. Ferrara Bakery is definitely on my go to list when I visit NYC.

  • hi jana

    - 25 March 2018 -

    Sit down and take away Italian bakery/cafe. I had a coffee and selection of thre mini pastries. The coffee was great and the pastries were insanely good. Best Italian pastries I've ever had. The problem you'll have is choosing which to eat. It can get quite busy with tourists but there is lots of seating. Also has clean toilets. Go here for breakfast or a nice relax during the day.

  • Rachel Pignato

    - 21 March 2018 -

    The service here was friendly and top notch! The desserts we're beautiful and pretty good as well. My only negative is I wish there was more variety. A lot of the desserts were the same couple of ingredients just layered differently. But all was still tasty. Definitely a good place to bring the kids or even a date.

  • Lily E W

    - 14 March 2018 -

    As usual the place was crowded due to it's famous reputation. I've been here a number of times over a few years to eat in and to take out. This time I was on the fast moving line to order out from the beautiful display cases. I order my usual cream puffs and lobster tail. They were pretty pricey at $2.50 each for the small version cream puffs and the lobster tail was $6. The 3 small cream puffs did not make up the size of a regular sized cream puff and the total cost of my small order was $13. They were pretty but as soon as I had a taste of them I was disappointed. They tasted so bland. The quality was not good as I remembered. Perhaps it was their off day. I'll give them another try next time but if it's going to be the same I'll stop going.

  • Emily December

    - 03 March 2018 -

    This place went above and beyond. I am glad that the staff helped me by telling me in advance that they had a strawberry shortcake. They even made the inscription on the cake perfectly. My friend's mom loved the cake and raved about it days later as well. I am glad that I came here. The lighting is excellent. The automatic wide door is totally ADA accessible. There is a wide selection of Italian cookies and pastries that I also brought and that my family appreciated. The taste is authentic as well as the mindful service. Totally coming back here. Thank you!

  • Jenny Aparicio

    - 07 February 2018 -

    I've gone to Ferrara bakery about 5 times on my visits to New York, I make it a point to take everyone there. Love their pastries, ice cream! If you live rainbow cake you have to try their tricolor ice cream it is delicious! I have no complains on the food. Now staff is normally ok. They are not rude, but they are not the best I've seen. But this last time when I went I had gone in to make the line(always a 10+min line), my sister wanted ice cream so she made the line outside. I finished my line and ordered my ice cream inside since there was also some there. I went and told my sister that the line outside was only cash and she had to go inside. So her, my cousin and my mom go inside make the line order pastries, and ice cream. The lady who they ordered for didn't get the ice creams. So they told the cashiers they were still waiting on their ice creams. She was rude and told them with an attitude that they hadn't ordered ice cream that if they change their mind they can do the line outside or do this one again. I didn't like that lady to my mother like that, and if the other lady messed up the order, it happens people are not perfect but don't say they didn't order it and make a 62 year old woman make the line again. Other than that I have no complains. Very little space to seat unless you are dining in.

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