132 W 31st St, New York City


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  • J Khan

    - 21 August 2018 -

    We had the eggs benedict. It was slightly better than average. I'm pretty sure there are better options out there. We needed a place to meet friends and family that were close to church. The line was ridiculously long for Sunday brunch.

  • Jessica Ozrek

    - 15 August 2018 -

    I was drawn to this place because of their gluten free options, which led me to believe they are sensitive to food allergies. I went in to order what I had the previous week during a sit down lunch to carry out. The lady taking my order at the cash register didn't seem to care what I was telling her which was made clear when I got sesame salmon after stating at least 3 times that I can't have seasoning on the salmon. When I called for the manager, I was given a step in because the manager was too busy. When I told the step in manager the issue, she told me she could refund me the order as if I don't need to eat. When I told her I'd like the salmon remade, she kept telling me how busy they were. We settled on the salmon would be delivered in 40 minutes. When the delivery guy came to drop off the correct order, he asked me for a tip and seemed upset that I wasn't going to give him one. I was planning to make this a regular lunch spot but guess they are TOO BUSY to have me as a customer.

  • Nisa

    - 15 August 2018 -

    Came here for lunch on a Friday afternoon. They have a restaurant side and a take out side with cafe seating. We sat on the side of the cafe. I got the Chicken Shwarma salad which was amazing. It was topped with crispy chick peas which made the salad that much better. It came with lots of chicken and the portions were generous. My date got the fried chicken and waffles. The fried chicken was very crispy, but the batter was way way too thick, so it wasn't that amazing. The waffle was crispy on the edges and very fluffy and light, which as good. The highlight of that dish is the Jalapeno honey/syrup which actually had a good kick to it.

  • Antonio Benitez

    - 31 July 2018 -

    I had the Fried Chicken and cheddar waffles. It came with habanero honey syrup. Was pretty freaking good. All of it was perfectly cooked. We are in New York and they sure as heck charged New York price. That meal was $26. I got orange juice, which came in a small glass, might have been 4 oz. That small glass cost $7. Place was packed, which you expect from New York. My wife got the blueberry pancakes, those were just okay. What got us on that was that it didn't come with any sides, so if you want eggs with that pay up some more. I think breakfast at the hotel would have been better.

  • Mark Fekete

    - 29 May 2018 -

    We stayed in the Marriott courtyard on the other side of the block, needed a good place to grab breakfast. This place definitely hit the spot. The do a really neat seating system that will text you when your seats ready, can sit in their sandwich section and grab a coffee while it wait. The place was packed we had 16 groups ahead of us, probably only waited 25 minutes. The table service was still quick and prompt, the waiters were really quick and ensured our food arrived quickly and drinks stayed full. Next time I'm NYC will definitely go again.

  • C Brown

    - 15 March 2018 -

    So happy I was able to get some serious gf comfort food. Chicken and waffles and mac n' cheese in the sane night. It was all great. Gosh I miss decent comfort foods and this place had it. On the bad side service was slow as hell and takes are too close together.

  • teddy Sanchez

    - 07 March 2018 -

    Wow.... We got there a few minutes before 5 but got seated and was able to order some drinks. At 5 we ordered appetizers and our main meals and everything was amazing. We had a guest from overseas and she loved it. The cheese appetizer was amazing! Here a pic I managed to take before it was devoured.

  • Aaron Blake

    - 26 February 2018 -

    Friedman's was one of the "stand out" places to eat for my trip to New York. I had seen on the website beforehand that they had an extensive range of Gluten Free options, which was great for my Wife. We ate there the first morning of our stay...and continued to do so for the remaining mornings! The staff were attentive, the food was delish and the atmosphere was buzzing! Would definitely recommend as a typical American breakfast/brunch outlet. You must try the Pancakes and the homemade Granola!

  • Traci Turner

    - 30 January 2018 -

    I don't even know where to start with this place. I had the absolute best Reuben I've ever had in my life!!! My girlfriend had some kind of salad with grilled or pulled chicken, and it was overflowing with meat and so many yummy ingredients. I highly recommend this place, and the wait to get a seat is not long, despite the line. The only complaint I have is that it took well into our meal for us to receive our drink from the bar, which we ordered as soon as we were seated.

  • Stefan Langley

    - 27 January 2018 -

    I love love love this place! It’s kind of small but the menu completely makes up for it. My girlfriend got an egg white omelette that was paired with French Fries. At first I was like that’s different but it really worked. I myself got the chicken and cheese waffle. The chicken was delicious but the waffle was okay. I think if they just did an ordinary waffle it would be amazing but I also think this is where the restaurant tried so hard to be different and failed. But overall I would love to come back to this place again. So many items on the menu I would love to try. Highly recommend this place.

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