Jackson Hole

232 E 64th St, New York City


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Open Hours:

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    10:30 - 00:00

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    10:30 - 00:00

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    10:30 - 00:00

  • Thu

    10:30 - 00:00

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    10:30 - 00:00

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    10:30 - 00:00

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  • Charles Pettit

    - 03 September 2018 -

    A great place to grab a large helping. Parking in the city is always a premium, but if one does brave the traffic they will be pleasantly rewarded. The menu is full of something for everyone.

  • Ruby Elwell

    - 02 September 2018 -

    I have to say I am appalled by this restaurant. I can’t even believe people have given it 5 stars. First off, the service was HORRIBLE. That’s something I could look past if it was packed and the food was delicious, but my food was even worse than the service. DON’T come here for breakfast and for God’s sake do not get the French toast. It was gag-worthy and eggy. I’m super disappointed I wasted my time and money.

  • Vuma Whitehead

    - 26 August 2018 -

    Great service even if they are not warm and personable, they are professional. Reasonably fast service, especially in as tight a space as they have. And even though they are noticeably pricey and not particularly healthy, (paleo, gaps, whole 30, etc. Not here) they are good for a burger joint. Pretty darn good. Filling portions and well cooked meat make it a recommended location for any.

  • R Just

    - 24 August 2018 -

    The decor is underground retro. If you can find this hidden gem at E 64 st. It feels like a time capsule, take pictures. It's mainly a Hamburger restaurant, with a variety of hamburgers. It's like a meatloaf on a bun. There are many other food choices as well. They serve beer, o recomend their Blue moon The staff are friendly. You have outdoor seating if your curious to discover their back section. Upon entering you will go downstairs a small flight of stairs. Thus is not a restaurant you'll find, if your not looking. Great to get away for lunch or dinner, no one will do red you. Prices are very fair by today's standards. Please dont ask for well done burgers. Enjoy

  • Jonathan Jackson

    - 02 August 2018 -

    Hamburgers. Really big hamburgers. That's what Jackson Hole is known for and they don't disappoint. Don't even hope that you'll be able to eat these neatly and of course abandon any diet you may be on before you enter. The food is really good although prices seem to have sharply increased in recent years. The dining area is cozy to say the least but the subdued lighting and nostalgic decor make it fun. A perfect place for comfort food.

  • Noelle Teagno

    - 24 March 2018 -

    Amazing! Biggest burger I have ever seen with fresh tender meat. Mine was topped with mac and cheese. Fun atmosphere. Very small. Underground. Probably a historic site.

  • Miguel Lazo

    - 17 March 2018 -

    Overall a great experience. These 7oz burgers are huge. I don't recommend getting an appetizer if you are trying these bad boys. The BBQ Truffle was a delight and I recommend the onion rings as a side. The burger itself though was a little bland but the toppings definitely made for it.

  • UTC - Urban Tactical Combative's

    - 11 March 2018 -

    Outstanding food. Burgers are just better here. Friendly and prompt management and wait staff. 2× is a charm #3 soon to come. Enjoy.

  • Alexander Kondratskiy

    - 04 February 2018 -

    This place was absolutely horrible. I agree with the other review that the meat is grey mush. No seasoning, overcooked. I ordered their "Truffle BBQ Burger", which consisted of undercooked mushrooms and onions, cheap bread, the grey mush meat, and an agonizingly sweet "bbq sauce". I could only take a few bites before calling it quits. This is probably the first time in my life I've actually refused to eat food at a restaurant. When the server came to take our plates, he didn't act surprised that we left most of our burgers untouched, and never asked for feedback - he just swiftly brought the bill for the full price. Needless to say, I didn't tip. Don't let the cozy atmosphere lure you in - the food is practically poison!

  • Luigi Portella

    - 27 January 2018 -

    Best place in the world! I would say that this is my favorite place in the city. The hamburger is HUGE, GOOD and WELL COOKED. The combination of ingredients are fantastic. The place is very cozy and comfortable, you can find a lot of very old stuffs, like '60 and '70 stuffs. The service is OK, sufficiently fast. One concern is that the place is under the ground, so for some people it can be claustrophobic.... Not my case at all, but for some people may be. Anyway I highly recommend this place for everyone,in particular ifyou can eat a lot and are very very hungry!

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