Katz's Deli

205 E Houston Street, New York City

New York's Oldest and Best Delicatessen!
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  • Phone Numbers: 2122542246, 12122542246, 8004468364
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night
  • Restaurant features: Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Waitstaff, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol
  • Good for: Large groups, Local cuisine, Families with children, Kids
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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    12:00 - 22:45

  • Mon

    08:00 - 22:45

  • Tue

    08:00 - 22:45

  • Wed

    08:00 - 22:45

  • Thu

    08:00 - 02:45

  • Fri

    00:00 - 02:45, 08:00 - 23:59

  • Sat

    00:00 - 23:59

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  • Jordan Day

    - 22 July 2018 -

    Best. Pastrami. Sandwich. Ever. A mountain of meat, the sandwich alone is more than enough food. Save money and forget sides that aren't going to be eaten. Was a little taken aback by the price however, all up $55 before tax for two sandwiches and two soft drinks, however as a once off 'for the experience' that everyone recommended we do it was still worthwhile. The restaurant itself is nice and large so seating wasn't an issue, and was cool to sit there and look at all the pictures of famous people who have also dined there. As was the sign that made us realise it was the same restaurant from the scene in when Harry met Sally đź‘Ť

  • C. Jean-Louis

    - 20 July 2018 -

    Antiquated ticket system has to be one of the most exemplary examples of people hanging on to ridiculous and impractical systems simply for tradition’s sake. It’s crude and time consuming and heaven forbid you misplace your ticket, boy do they lose their marbles! They have policy for what happens if someone drops a ticket which would be near impossible to find with all the sawdust and muck on the floors. In fact, they assume you have ill will. Most places will just give you another receipt / order ticket after looking at your food to ensure they ring you up properly. No, not this place. Here, they make you turn out your pockets, search through your bag, and they check security tapes. All for two damned pastrami rye sandwiches that were grossly overpriced and normal in taste. Seriously, don’t waste your money and patronize here, there is no point. Katz’s is solely reliant on name recognition and ethnic stereotyping not quality of food or service.

  • Rob Quintero

    - 19 July 2018 -

    Oh...My...Goodness... you absolutely have to try this place. Actually, you should fly to New York just so you can try this place! Here in California we've got amazing pastrami sandwiches from a plethora of restaurants from Togo's to your local neighborhood Deli. Throw all those ones in the trash. They will never end their life of lives compare to the amazing pastrami they serve at Katz's Delicatessen. Ask them for a sample before you order, they will carve off a small Slice of Heaven. And once that delicious pastrami hits your tongue, your eyes will get big and your mouth will start to water. Trust me on this. You'll thank me later!

  • Carly Davis

    - 18 July 2018 -

    This place has a great theme and it is one of the coolest places I have been. I have been trying to eat more healthy recently and it is places like this that prevent me from doing so. The food here is terrific. I loved the selection of meats that they had here. Also, this place had the most coolest decorations I have seen in a long time. It reminded me of a very advanced version of Subway. The walls were covered in decorations. The people here were also kind. The workers were nice and the whole atmosphere seemed like a place where everyone was having a really good time together. I will come back here when I get a chance next time I can.

  • Jason Steward

    - 03 July 2018 -

    I don’t know if it’s me but the guy at counter one today, He always always serves me smaller portions than the rest of the people that are there. And I’ve watch this on more than one occasion. I don’t know if it’s the color of my skin, But he is Latino, But I see him serve mostly white people and I mean helluva lot better than me and I tip! The sandwich is good but next time I go back I won’t go to him.. Maybe I have to paint my skin white too! Just an observation!

  • Karys Taylor

    - 08 April 2018 -

    Amazing place. When you go in younger given a ticket and then you get served straight away. No queues apart from outside if it's busy!! When you're served you give your ticket over and they mark the price onto your ticket so you can keep getting more then you hand over your ticket to pay at the end. If you lose it then it costs $50 so be careful.!! A great selection of food and well worth the money for to the amount you get and the standard of the food.

  • Billy Carson

    - 04 April 2018 -

    It was okay at best. Huge line to get in and order, crowded like nothing I've ever seen, and kind of pricey for what you get. Ordered the corned beef sandwich, meat did practically melt in your mouth but really didn't have any flavor. If you're wanting to go to say you went, that's fine. However, if you're going for a good sandwich then there are better options in town - in my opinion.

  • Filip Jasinski

    - 19 March 2018 -

    The hype exceeded the reality. Yes, if you like meat it is a good joint. Yes, if you dig places where celebs come, you see photos of them peeling off the walls. And yes, if you like crowd it is the place to mosh around. But no, if you enjoy decent service you get the cranky exposure. After lining up to get a seat for 50 minutes that was too much. Still, the pickles were tasty (though not the second portion...).

  • Jamie Halas

    - 14 March 2018 -

    I was super excited to eat at Katz’s Delicatessen! My husband and I were sat within 5 minutes. The atmosphere was amazing and the sandwiches are HUGE! I could only eat half and asked for a box. The waitress wrapped my sandwich for me and when I opened it later that night they had replaced the bread and built a new sandwich. We stopped at a perfect time because the line was growing when we left. I will definitely eat there again my next time in the city!

  • Matthew Lippold

    - 03 March 2018 -

    This is the place for the original New York pastrami sandwich. It's delicious and worth the wait as it gets busy here sometimes. The place has a great authentic NY vibe and the service is fine. I would recommend going halves with your mate as the sandwiches are huge! Get some sides to mix it up. Definitely a must while in NYC!

  • Emanuele Serenelli

    - 07 June 2018 -

    Best pastrami sandwich I've ever had in my life!!!!

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