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  • zhe He

    - 06 July 2017 -

    Worst omasake my boyfriend and me ever had in our life. I guess American doesn't know how to taste sushi? That's why the restaurant has been so successful because of the name. The whole chef line at the sushi bar is $20 sushi restaurants cooking style and level. I can't believe restaurant serve this kind fish became a magic in USA, all about marketing, horrible food quality ingredients and taste. Specially the one in Vegas, don't ever go.

  • Daryna Bielik

    - 05 April 2017 -

    Tasty food. But the place is very noisy and crowded. Not very comfortable.

  • Z J

    - 17 March 2017 -

    Food and atmosphere are amazing! One of the best meals I've had this year. I'm a huge fan of Nobu in Milan and London, but it's very different vibes and I definitely prefer the service here. I'm in love with the sushi here, we always try as many options from the menu as possible and they never fail to impress with freshness and delicate flavours.

  • Vicky Cho

    - 14 February 2017 -

    Menu is so simple. I love the yellow tell and miso cod. Service was not rushed at all. I was able to chat with my sister without feeling like they're waiting for me to leave. It's a great place for dates as well as larger groups. Dim lights and high ceilings adds to a calm night out.

  • Richard Coleman

    - 25 January 2017 -

    AMAZING PIZZA!!!! Friendly staff!! We will be back before we leave!!! The crust is thin and crunchy and the sauce and toppings are the best I've EVER had!! Best pizza I've ever eaten in my life!!!

  • Boris Artemyev

    - 05 December 2016 -

    The staff was really accommodating - I had to change the reservation from party of 3 to 5, and also change the time, and the Nobu staff came through on all the changes! Good was good - don't order lamb chops, it is not a steakhouse :). Sushi and sashimi are really fresh, the spicy tuna is the best!!! Decor is a bit strange and some areas are not well lit.

  • 4
    - 01 October 2016 -

    This is probably the most upscale food court I have ever been to and will ever go to. The term "food court" doesn't even really do it justice - it's more like a food gallery. The environment is decorated nicely, and the beautiful view of the river complements the atmosphere. I heard that seating is hard to come by and it was indeed pretty crowded, so apparently we were lucky when we found a table for four right off the bat. In terms of the restaurants, there's food from a wide variety of cultures and tastes to choose from. From what I've seen, most seem a bit pricey for the portion that you get, which is relatively small. I've sampled Num Pang Sandwich and Umami Burger, and both are good, although I wouldn't say they're extraordinary. Num Pang Sandwich in particular wasn't that impressive; I've had a better banh mi elsewhere. I'd like to return to Umami Burger and try another one of their specialty burgers, though. Overall, as a whole is hugely diverse, offering a range of different types of food, and a comfortable experience

  • 2
    - 01 August 2016 -

    Awful service when I visited for restaurant week. Sushi was good but in general the loud ambiance and rude wait staff made for a mediocre experience. They also bring the credit card readers over to your table for checkout.... What kind of upscale place does that?? Weird.

  • 5
    - 27 July 2016 -

    Worth the hype. Familiarize yourself with the menu before hand if you're new to Japanese food tho... Or you'll be there wondering wtf is this and that. Very helpful, quick and attentive staff. It's a bit pricey, but if that's not an obstacle, it's definitely a place to go.

  • 5
    - 13 July 2016 -

    High end place so expect it to be expensive. But their menu is great, and you are actually full afterwards. Top quality sashimi, sushi and other specialities.

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The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum commemorate the September 11, 2001 attacks, which killed 2,977 victims.The memorial is located at the World Trade Center site, the former location of the Twin Towers. The museum exhibits include images, oral histories of the killed and over 500 hours of video.

One World Observatory

One World Observatory is located on floors 100-102 of One World Trade Center, with its exhibits & restaurants. It is a skyscraper which gives the iconic sights, surrounding waters and panoramic views of the skyline and beyond. With this building, the tourists take experience unlike any other in New York.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re in New York, The Brooklyn Bridge is a site that you shouldn’t miss. This bridge is among the most famous landmarks in the world. It appears in the movies, music video clips and advertisements all the time. With its fascinating look, the Brooklyn Bridge has become a real icon for New York city.

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