Rainbow Room

30 Rockefeller Plz, New York City


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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    11:30 - 16:00

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  • Pam Hester

    - 09 August 2018 -

    The service really wasn't great-especially given the price. The downstairs hostess wanted us both to check our purses-which were not oversized. She finally agreed to allow us to take one in. We saw others there with larger bags-felt like someone had a little too much power and it went to their head. I had much better service a couple of weeks ago when I took a colleague. We brought our computer bags up and had a attentive waiter. I had expected the same experience this trip. I guess it's hit or miss.

  • Anita Abedian

    - 08 August 2018 -

    A magical experience! I was impressed with the service we received at the bar and during our dining experience. However, the Bar SixtyFive staff who made arrangements for my party, and particularly Bibi's professionalism and ability to make the night even more special and memorable, exceeded my expectations. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with the Rainbow Room establishment for years to come.

  • Ashley Oakes

    - 24 June 2018 -

    The view was amazing! The staff was great. We came here to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We made a reservation and arrived early. From the moment we walked in the door everyone treated us as royalty up until we were seated and our server took over. My husband and I do not drink so we ordered water, she seemed to lose interest with us quickly. We waited 15 minutes and she never returned but visited the table next to us several times. We ended up leaving without eating. Or getting our water. Disappointed at the end, but it turned out for the best. We ended up with amazing pictures from their balcony and had an amazing dinner somewhere else.

  • Tracy Ferjak

    - 04 June 2018 -

    The rainbow room was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were treated like royalty. The service was amazing I can't say enough about this place. White Glove service with dinner. food that is out of this world amazing if you're a foodie. Put this on your bucket list for when you go to New York you won't regret it!

  • Brian McSteen

    - 22 May 2018 -

    Had drinks here one evening before dinner. The drinks are pricey, but you pay for the unbelievable view of Manhattan looking south from midtown and the feeling like you are living the NYC dream, if only for one drink. I love G&Ts, so I got the rainbow room classic G&T. It was an great cocktail, almost worth the $21. When you're able, step outside onto the observation deck and enjoy the skyline, especially at sunset. It's a real treat for this to be public in such a world class city.

  • Claire

    - 22 March 2018 -

    I went to a wedding at the Rainbow Room last night. The wedding was well planned out. Our dinner options were filet mignon and fish. One of our friends got sick and needed to go home, so my friend escorted him home and came back. When he was gone, dinner was served and the server actually offered with her own initiative to keep the food warm until my friend came back. Not many people would notice or care, but the servers at the Rainbow Room did. When my friend was back, I didn't even have to flag down any of the servers because within a few minutes his plate was in front of him, kept warm. This was a great experience overall and I would definitely come back.

  • BA Reid

    - 11 March 2018 -

    Beautiful place & building. A bit challenging to find the way up (& why not open every night?). Once up there, so worth the free viewing deck - wow. Got to go experience when in New York City! Pricey drinks etc., but hey it's NYC.

  • Donna Mongelli

    - 11 January 2018 -

    DINE & DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY And take a Hansom carriage ride Through Central Park! I have several once in a lifetime events..this was my favorite! My College BFF had a December wedding, and her Mom catered a small reception at the Rainbow Room...it was really so special.. their band was spectacular and the Rooftop turns and it was just one of the most glamorous and spectacular evenings & weddings I've ever experienced..I thought nothing would top my college graduation party party at Top of the World, when the Twin Towers existed..but Karen's wedding , and my graduation party, but both are special and phenomenal on their own..so many happy memories . You need to dine, & dance the night away at least once in your life!

  • Helen Lindsay

    - 23 November 2017 -

    Viewing deck was closed with no explanation. Had a Bronx cocktail. It was the worst cocktail I have ever been served. The bar tender knocked the first batch all over the bar then proceeded to concoct the most vile potion ever served. I couldn't drink it as it literally burned all the way down. I am Scottish therefore I am built to withstand the strongest of beverage but this was absolutely disgusting. On a plus side, the views were incredible. That's about it!

  • Jennifer Steinle

    - 07 May 2017 -

    Brunch here was the most wonderful way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The food was delicious - bacon, seafood, desserts, crepes- all of it was delicious. The staff was incredibly nice, from the reception hosts at the base of the super fast elevator to our kind and amazing servers, Rafael. He explained everything, shared with us his favorite items on the menu and even brought us a special dessert for our anniversary. He made our morning so special. The room is beautiful- gorgeous views even on and overcast day, decorated in muted gray and crystal touches everywhere. The musical performers were great. The only disappointment was that there was no dancing- that is my misconception, but still, I was looking for to dancing. Please take a moment to dress in something special- seeing folks dining in such a beautiful place dressed in sweats and sneakers was disappointing.

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