Russ & Daughters

179 E Houston St, New York City


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Open Hours:

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    10:00 - 22:00

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    10:00 - 22:00

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    10:00 - 22:00

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  • Edward Delfino

    - 11 September 2018 -

    This place has been around since 1914 & is one of maybe 2 such places worth visiting while in NYC, and it really is worth visiting, not just for tourism, but for the food. If you’re only going to eat here once, you have to have a bagel (get the pumpernickel) with cream cheese and lox (either Nova or gravlox), but they also have other smoked fish, caviar & desserts. You can’t go wrong with anything here. Enjoy!

  • Trang Bui

    - 05 September 2018 -

    Probably the most famous place in LES for bagels and lox. Huge variety of smoked fish and cream cheese and other magical ingredients for your sandwich like wasabi caviar! You can order a sandwich with your chosen ingredients or by ingredients by the pounds. Get a ticket first. When called upon one staff will take care all your needs. Tend to get very crowded in weekend morning. Other snacks also available in the freezer section. Also, chocolate!!!

  • Food Meet

    - 24 August 2018 -

    World famous for their large smoked fish selection and Jewish appetizers. The excellent smoked fish is sandwiched together harmoniously with their fabulous smooth and creamy cream cheese from California. Once a year people line up around the corner just to try their deliciously famous New Catch Holland Herring that is only caught once a year. P.S. They have a nice dine in cafe down the block if you want the restaurant experience. #FoodMeet

  • natalie latin

    - 20 August 2018 -

    Came on holiday especially for this place, heard a lot about it and since Louis CK show, was dreaming about a visit here. I waited during week at lunch time something like 30 minuets, than a really tired lady approached and against her will took my order. I took the daughters delight- which is bagel, cream cheese, lox and salmon eggs (for 18$!) Really small bagel and really skimpy lox. It’s was nice, but really not something special. I guess after so long being open,they don’t even need to try any more.

  • Nhan Do

    - 30 July 2018 -

    This place smells amazing. And just as amazing is the food. I came here because a friend recommended it and I do not regret it one bit. I got the Daughter's Delight on a sesame bagel - lox that isn't salty, fresh roe, and a delicious scallion cream cheese. I got another one even though I was full. No regrets.

  • Matt Ortolani

    - 21 June 2018 -

    You have to try this place! The food is out of control, as is the size of the place itself. It’s very small but packs a huge huge huge punch! Excellent excellent excellent food! Excellent excellent excellent sweets as well! Definitely try anything, and you absolutely enjoy it. You just can’t go wrong with any choice. You’ve also got your deli favorites, that they are completely and totally famous for! This place is just super cool and super historical. Definitely check it out and definitely order some for dining right after you leave, and some more for when you get home later that day! You won’t be disappointed, thanks and enjoy.

  • Cindy Carissa

    - 19 March 2018 -

    As in review you must be prepared for the long line to get some bagels here, so me and my family went here as our first stop and the queue had been started. When they shout out my number, we ordered 3 bagels for 3 adults and 1 child. Quite a portion for a breakfast for me. They were all delicious, salmon was great with various spreads available. It is not located in downtown, but they do have other branches and cafe as i heard. It's all worth to try the oldest bagel shop in NYC.

  • Faith D Stern

    - 17 March 2018 -

    This appetizing store has been in business for 100 years and there is a very good reason. The staff is helpful and the smoked fish is glorious. They will make anamzing sandwich on really good bagels. In addition they carry all kinds of dried fruit. Best to go during the week as the store can become crowded on the weekend.

  • Daniel Pineau

    - 13 March 2018 -

    If you enjoy the good stuff, then it's possible that you don't know about Russ & Daughters, but it's not probable. An Appetizing [store] differs from a delicatessen in that it generally peddles what is eaten atop / with a bagel. So that's what you need to think of when you're heading in or ordering from Russ & Daughters. This is the pinnacle of Appetizing stores - you don't last over a century by being "not at the top". We come to the city 2-3 times annually, and at least once yearly I swing by the store proper. Other commerce is purely online (I live in TLH). I'm a huge fan of the caviar cream cheese with Lox. Rather than reinvent the wheel, permit me to direct you straight to the source: - the definitive springboard into all you need to know, directly from the operation itself.… Because there's a deep history here - and you might be interested in it.

  • Brian Morton

    - 28 January 2018 -

    Just happened to search for great places to eat breakfast and Russ and Daughters came up. Once there we realized it was take out only and if we're wanted to sit down we would have to go to their nearby cafe. We weren't disappointed. The food and pastries were terrific!

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