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About TripPlannera widgets

TripPlannera widget is a great way to attract new visitors to your business and to offer them a sophisticated trip planning tool. The widget is free to be placed and used. You can decide on the design and placement of the widget on your website and the visitors can use the trip planner to sketch their route.

Why to put the TripPlannera widget ?

  • All itineraries planned via the widget will include your property
  • The widget is free-to-use and easy to install
  • You will guarantee a better travel experience to your users, thus will enhance the customer satisfaction

Select TripPlannera widget you would like to have

Traveling To Paris ?

Plan your visit to Paris and include Louvre Museum in your trip itinerary.

Planner Widget
“Planner” widget calls the users to action. By clicking on the button they are instantly redirected to your page, where they can fill in the data in the pop-up window and have a day-by-day plan on their screen. +
Recommended Widget
“Rated on TripPlannera” attracts the users to see your page on TripPlannera and to check the ratings. The button on the widget will bring the users to your page, where they will find useful information and create a plan with your business already included in it. +
Social Icon
“Social Icon” is also a clickable widget and can be added to other social icons on your website. As the users click on the sign they will be guided to your page where they can create a plan with your business built in it. +

Please select Your Property to get Widget code.

Adjust styles

You are free to adjust the widget to your website colors and design. Make any changes you find necessary to better implement the widget.

How to put in your website

To place the widget on your website, choose your preferred one and copy-paste the following code into your website's HTML. If you need technical help , send us an email.

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